Hallucinations causes one of the following afflictions every 8 seconds: Fear, Stun, Sprawled.

Name Hallucinations
First Aid Name hallucinations
Cures sip lucidityslush
Cure Line Your hallucinations cease to plague you.
Diagnose hallucinating.
Afflict Line Shadowy figures coalesce in your peripheral vision.


Tick message (~1s stun):

You are stunned by the sight of a massive pink bunny hopping by.

Tick message (~1s stun):

You are stunned by a vision of divine astral beings.

Tick message (sprawl):

Ooh look! A lovely lake. Perhaps you'll dive in!
You leap up and attempt a graceful swan dive...right into the solid ground.

Tick message (fear):

Spiders are erupting from your mouth and nose!

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