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By taking a dose of poison, you will be able to train your body to become majorly resistant to poison. This is not an instantaneous process. Once your body is prepared to IMMUNIZE itself, you must take a sip of the poison you wish to be immune to. Then, at the beginning of the next month, you will find yourself greatly immune from its effects. Note that this only works against poisons, not against other spells that may give the same effect.

Immunize works as another layer on top of the poison shrugging granted by Resilience. You will receive notable extra shrugging to the named poison and slightly less additional shrugging for all other poisons.

In a test sample of 194 sips of senso, while immune to senso (and transcendant resilience) these were the results:

Outcome Count Percentage
Afflicted 78 40.2%
Resilience Shrugging 46 23.71%
Immunity Shrugging 70 36.08%

In a similar test, also immunized to senso and transcendant resilience the following was found sipping 277 doses of dendroxin.

Outcome Count Percentage
Afflicted` 161 58.12%
Resilience Shrugging 97 35.01%
Immunity Shrugging 19 6.85%

Based on this it appears that immunity grants 35% resistance against the named poison and ~7% against all others. It also appears that immunity is checked before resilience because the resilience shrug rate is lower  for the named poison.