AB Scroll Edit


Syntax: JINX <player>

Power: 2 (Any)

A jinx is a powerful curse that jinxes a person's body and turns it against them, causing it to resist their actions. This curse is only effective against victims with mental afflictions already plaguing them, and is negated by the time-altering effects of aeon (and similar curses). The more mental afflictions that the target has, the more pronounced the jinx effect at the rate of 10% per affliction (maxing out at 40%).

Jinx is cured with auric cures (such as reishi); however, it cannot be cured unless the afflicted is free of all mental afflictions.

Notes Edit

This ability causes the Jinx affliction.

Victim sees:

<Person> draws a glowing glyph in the air and flings it at you. Your mind suddenly grows befuddled and clouded.