Paradigmatics can also be crassly called "chaos magic". The basic foundation of Paradigmatics is the ability to alter one's very own beliefs to trigger certain magical effects. Paradigmatic practitioners can believe anything and everything depending on their goals. For example, it may suit them to believe that the sky is green one day and thus magical effects that may result from a green sky may occur around them (such as green rain). However, this is a very volatile branch of magic and many effects end up being unexpected (or random). Finally, victims of paradigm shifts could suffer temporary insanity. Temporary insanity stacks on top of regular insanity.

Skill Description
Initiation Redefine reality and thus sanity as an Initiate.
Enthrall Love is a many-splendored thing which can be manipulated.
Revelations Reveal new forms of reality to challenge others.
Flux Let reality flux to hold your enemies in your location.
BadLuck Plague someone with a most extreme bout of bad luck.
Figment Create a figment of your imagination to send to another.
ChaoteSign This mystic symbol will help protect you from harm.
GreyWhispers Send grey whispers to plague the minds of enemies.
EyeSnare Snare the eyes of your enemies by tweaking reality.
GoodLuck You can create your own good luck.
Polarity Your strength is in your mind and vice versa.
Reimagination Reimagine another person for good or ill.
Gnosis A gnostic state that strengthens spiritual fortitude.
Reality The ultimate in shifting reality will cause destabilisation.
VisionFlux Allow others to see the visions of your own reality.
Truename Learn the truename of a rival to control their destiny.
ChaosAura Exude a chaotic aura to disturb reality.
Fusion Fuse your heart, mind and body together into a single whole.
Snafu Situation Normal, All Fragged Up - for your enemies.
Illumination Your own personal illumination is deadly to others.
Butterfly Create a chaos butterfly and send on a visit to another.