Because of the need to recognize the auras of animals, low magic is a prerequisite for this skill. Once you master a poison, you will be able to discern what creatures produce the poison. You will need to kill the creature in order to extract poison from it. Note that the more skilled you are in poisons, the more poison you will be able to extract.

Ability Name

Short Desc.
Extracting Basic ability to extract venoms from poisonous creatures.
Identification Identify creatures with known poisons.
Anatine Causes terrible muscular spasms.
Niricol Causes the pupils to completely close.
Mactans A spider venom that gives chills.
Contortrin Also known as hero's bane, found within graves.
Aleutian Strangely affects the emotions, causing paranoia.
Mantakaya A dangerous toxin that causes paralysis.
Dendroxin Causes muscles in the arms to shrivel.
Saxitin Only found in the deepest sea creatures who hate sunlight.
Ibululu This snake venom causes an unnatural sensitivity to pain.
Hadrudin Usually found in scorpions, causes terrible disfigurement.
Mellitin Weakness of the bowel afflicts those infected with this poison.
Botulinum A poison that causes terrible gastrointestinal convulsions.
Pyrotoxin Strips fire protection or gives a burst of fiery damage.
Haemotox Afflicts with haemophilia, making blood hard to clot.
Calcise Targets the bones of the legs, with crippling effect.
Inyoka Hallucinating is the main effect of this salamander venom.
Tetrodin A dark poison that that saps the health of its victim.
Crotamine This vile poisons causes immense sickening in its victim.
Morphite Only found in certain elemental creatures, causes sleep.
Escozul An energy draining poison from the astral depths.
Chansu A terrible toxin that causes respiratory illness.
Charybdon Another astral poison, the effects are always mutating.
Miniatures Dip a figurine into poison to give it a breath attack.
Dulak This poison attacks the brain, causing unnatural stupidity.
Senso A poison that causes profuse, oily sweating.
Constructs Use crotamine to allow constructs a special attack.
Anerod This poison thins the blood and reduces the immune system.
Immunity Immunize yourself against the effects of one poison.