Stupidity causes 25% of commands to be replaced with random substitutes.

Name Stupidity
First Aid Name stupidity
Cures sip lucidtyslush
Cure Line You aren't such a complete idiot anymore.
Diagnose unnaturally stupid.
Afflict Line Hmmmm. Why must everything be so difficult to figure out?

Tests Edit

In a test of 1000 commands the command was unmodified 75.6% of the time, in the remaining 24.4% the commands were replaced with the following categories of commands:

Command/Category Number Percentage
secrets 68 27.86%
eat herb 40 16.39%
sip vial 33 13.52%
kneel 25 10.25%
yell I like cheese!/<Person> smells like a goat!/<Person> is cute! 30 12.3%
Random Emote 26 10.65%
sleep 20 8.2%

Raw data:

Command Changed To Message Number Percentage
secrets You sweep your trained eye across the room for the hidden exits. 68 27.86%
eat herb What do you want to eat? 40 16.39%
sip vial A glowing opal vial contains nothing that is drinkable. 33 13.52%
kneel You drop to one knee, demonstrating your humility and respect. 25 10.25%
sleep Your mind is whirling with thoughts - you cannot settle down to sleep. 20 8.2%
yell I like cheese! I like cheese! 18 7.3%
yell <Person> smells like a goat! You yell, "<Person> smells like a goat!" 6 2.46%
yell <Person> is cute! You yell, "<Person> is cute!" 6 2.46%
roarat You look about for someone to roar at and, finding no one, stump about shuffling your feet, uncertain of what to do now. 2 0.82%
heartylaugh You plant your fists against your waist, puff your chest out and offer a deep, hearty laugh. 2 0.82%
sob As horrible thoughts fill your mind, you begin to sob uncontrollably. 1 0.41%
yuck "Yuuucckk!" you say, wrinkling your nose in revulsion. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You look around for someone to surprise, but, alas, there is no one. 1 0.41%
<unknown/bug> You must be wearing a to emote that! 1 0.41%
whisperto You look around for someone to whisper to. 1 0.41%
sod "Sod!" you scream, clutching your head and hopping from foot to foot. 1 0.41%
dobetter With great contempt and scorn, you audibly mutter, "Do better." 1 0.41%
prod Extending one finger, you stare around, searching for something in need of prodding. 1 0.41%
chuckle You chuckle long and heartily. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You clear your throat in an attempt to gain the attention of those around you. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You cough nervously and look over your shoulder, attempting to find the REAL culprit. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You give up a round of applause. 1 0.41%
crossarms You cross your arms expectantly. 1 0.41%
dribble You dribble a bit of saliva out of the corner of your mouth. 1 0.41%
bullstance You focus your mind, allowing the tension to leave your muscles. In an instant, you summon unbridled fury from within yourself and bellow a loud roar, stamping at the ground. 1 0.41%
myhero You gasp excitedly and almost faint after screaming, "My hero!" 1 0.41%
cuddle You give yourself a friendly cuddle. 1 0.41%
gurgle You gurgle like a babe. 1 0.41%
hop You hop about the area madly. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You lean forward to rub your nose against someone else's, eyes closed, before discovering that nobody is there and opening your eyes in surprise. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You nod your head gravely in acknowledgement of the point. 1 0.41%
<unknown> You place a hand to your breast and heave a dramatic sigh, glancing skyward. 1 0.41%
quack You quack like a duck. 1 0.41%
rollgrin You roll your eyes and grin. 1 0.41%

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